Yoga therapy teaches life is all about balance

Yoga vs Yoga Therapy

There are many different styles of yoga on the market today, which can be confusing. So how do you decide which one is right for you? Hopefully, information on this page will answer that for you.

Firstly, Yoga Therapy is not a ‘style’ of yoga. It’s a natural, holistic health modality based on an ancient medical science. As a Yoga Therapist, I apply the teachings and practices of yoga in a therapeutic setting.

Another point is, most yoga teachers aim to attract as many people as possible to group classes. They do this with marketing that focuses on fitness, stretching, and getting a good workout. While this can be effective for some people, it doesn’t suit everyone all the time. Yoga Therapy on the other hand is tailored to meet specific health needs, so it delivers superior results.

Last but not least, yoga classes generally focus on postures and getting them right. Whereas at Yogagrin®, the focus is on improving your overall health and wellbeing by developing your awareness.

How it works

Yoga Therapy sessions are slow and calming. They are usually offered 1 to 1, but can also be offered to small groups of people experiencing similar health issues. For example, cancer recovery, lower back pain, stress, or anxiety.

Unlike traditional western medicine, in Yoga Therapy an individual is seen and treated as a “unique whole”. At Yogagrin®, my aim is to uncover and treat the root cause of health issues not just the symptoms. Which means, even if two people have similar symptoms their yoga program can be quite different.

A Yoga Therapy program can include one or more of the following:

  • Asana (yoga poses)
  • Somatic exercises
  • Pranayama (special breathing exercises)
  • Relaxation or meditation techniques
  • Dietary tips
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Visualisations
  • Other techniques

What are the benefits?

The techniques of Yoga Therapy have been used and proven over thousands of years. It’s even more awesome today because it includes knowledge of modern medicine and is supported by scientific research. 

Research has proven the benefits of yoga for many major health issues, including cancer, heart disease, and anxiety and depression. So today, Yoga Therapy is often integrated with other health care modalities.

I’ve helped many people live happier, healthier lives through Yoga Therapy. My clients have provided amazing feedback. They report they are:

  • More at peace
  • Not needing to take Ventolin anymore
  • Feeling less afraid and alone now
  • Able to socialise with friends again
  • Thinking clearer and their memory has improved
  • Concentrating better at work
  • Finding they have more control over their stress and anxiety
  • Stronger and fitter now
  • Able to move with little or no pain
  • Smiling more these days
  • Walking and moving with more confidence

Curious to know how I can help you with a Yoga Therapy Program?

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