What our clients are saying about their experience at Yogagrin®:

I expected very little when referred to Jan, as I doubted that yoga could help me. I was so very wrong. Jan is a wonderful, caring, considerate and insightful woman who’s passion for yoga is very infectious. In the limited sessions we had she has shared with me various activities that I now carry out twice a day. Each and every time I finish feeling more settled and at peace. Which for me is profoundly impactful. Thank you so very much. Namaste Jan


Jan’s Yoga Foundations for Beginners program was really great! They made me feel at peace and happy, and have given me the confidence to join in with YogaGrin’s Gentle Flow yoga classes. The revision questions really helped me with my learning.


I found the Foundations Program to be very peaceful and enjoyable. It had the right combination of theory and practical and has stimulated my interest and desire to continue with yoga.


I learnt a lot from Jan’s beginner class at SANDBAG. I was able to understand her instructions. They were very clear and were suitable for my level of ability. I strongly recommend Jan’s classes


I found the Chair Yoga relaxation session at the NDIS conference very relaxing. Jan’s voice was a lovely relaxing anchor that kept me tethered to the task of my Zen. I was surprised how much of the outside world I could switch off. Thank you, Jan 🙂


I attended Jan’s beginner class at SANDBAG. Jan has a very calm demeanor which helped me to relax. I learnt a lot and recommend YogaGrin classes.


I love YogaGrin classes. My bones are not so stiff. I love it, love it, love it!


Jan is a warm and highly experienced yoga teacher. Her classes are very much tailored to the group’s needs and she is very attentive to each individual. Her deep love for yoga and its philosophy shines through and I always feel renewed and refreshed after Jan’s classes


Excellent yoga teacher, knows her stuff and believes in it.


Exceeded expectations. Helpfully therapeutic. Thanks Jan.


I really enjoyed Jan’s restorative classes in Langkawi, Malaysia. Especially her relaxation sequence. Her voice is very calm and soothing and her pace is timed perfectly with my breath. Her knowledge and love of yoga comes through in her cues, technique and delivery.


Thanks, Jan. I love the way you teach. I really enjoyed the Yoga Foundations for Beginners Program, and the Chakra workshop. I strongly recommend YogaGrin to others. I look forward to seeing you in class and doing more workshops with you in the future.


I really enjoyed Jan’s yoga classes in Langkawi, Malaysia. They help to keep me strong, flexible and balanced. Her classes are super! She is a great instructor! Thank you, Jan!


I attended Jan’s yoga classes at Rebak Island, Langkawi in Malaysia. I found Jan’s teaching style to be warm and encouraging, which made her classes thoroughly enjoyable. Jan has a wonderful awareness of the capabilities of her students and is very adept at pitching the challenge level of her class. Thank you very much, Jan.


It was great to do yoga with the group on Rebak Island. I usually practice on my own. Jan has a great voice (calm and gentle) for guiding yoga poses and for meditation.


Jan’s YogaGrin classes have given me peace of mind, clarity of thought, greater physical strength and flexibility, and grounds me in the moment I am there. Enjoying it immensely. Thank you, Jan


YogaGrin classes have given me great physical benefit, including improved flexibility, balance and concentration They also help me on an emotional and spiritual level, and enable me to be in my own space, in a state of mindfulness, unhindered by modern life for an hour!


I had a one on one meditation with Jan by the beach. I have always found meditation difficult, with pre-conceived ideas as to what it is supposed to be like. Jan led me through some breathing and chanting and I really felt I had moments of connection and a better understanding of how to continue my practice. I also attended several YOGA classes, and enjoyed them immensely. Jan herself is a person who loves to share her knowledge, and is continually learning and evolving in her approach and practice and a really approachable and peaceful person. Thanks Jan.