Yoga for beginners and advanced beginners

At Yogagrin®, every class is adapted to the individual, so you can improve your fitness, flexibility and overall well being without wearing yourself out. No previous experience or flexibility required.  

We cater for all shapes, sizes and abilities because we understand that everyone is different and that yoga is meant for everyone.  The class size is limited to eight, so you can be confident you’ll get the attention you need to achieve your goals. You may even make some new friends along the way.

The pace is moderated by the participants, so you have time to keep up and notice what is happening with your mind, body and breath. You will be in control of your practice, so you choose your own level of challenge and do only what feels right for you.  It’s not about how a pose should look, rather it’s about the function and the benefits a pose can offer you. So if a particular pose does not suit you, we will offer you an alternative with the same function and benefits to  help you feel more comfortable and to build your confidence. 

Each session is therapeutic and focuses equally on the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of yoga and, in particular, on the connection between the mind and body. That way, you can be sure of receiving the maximum benefits of yoga.

You’ll leave each session feeling good, wearing that special yoga grin🙂.

Time and Location

WHEN:     Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

NOTE:        2019 season finishes 19th November

What to Expect

Lessons are a combination of still and moving postures suitable for beginners and advanced beginners. Each lesson starts with a gentle warm up and ends with a short relaxation. You will be guided slowly through a sequence of asana (poses), and given different options based on your needs.  You will be in control so you do only what feels right for you.

The focus is on mind-body awareness and getting in touch with yourself. You will be able to explore possibilities, notice your body and breath moving, and feel good to be alive. The asana sequence may vary each week based on the participants’ needs.

Jan’s calm, compassionate and friendly personality will help you relax so you can really enjoy your time at Yogagrin®.  Jan is there to guide you and is always willing to answer your questions.

A group of smiling people from all walks of life who have been having a fantastic time at a Yogagrin class

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Booking Information:

Note: 2019 season finishes 19th November

Limited to 8 participants, so pay now to secure your place, or book and pay later. Note: your place is not confirmed until payment has been received.

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New to Yogagrin®?

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