Recognising when you are up against the boundary of your comfort zone is not always easy. Moving outside it can be even harder. If it was easy would there even be such a thing?  Have you ever stepped outside yours?  Challenged yourself?  If you have, what was it like, if not, why not?

Sometimes the unknown can seem pretty scary. Often we prefer to stay with the things we know and feel comfortable with rather than trying something different. We tend to focus on the possible failure and problems rather than the possibility of success and the positives.

How can we reach our full potential if we never try anything new or different? How will we ever know what we can achieve if we don’t try the seemingly impossible?

I often step outside my comfort zone.  I like to try and experience new things.  If I don’t, I feel I’m getting stale.  I recently stepped outside my comfort zone big time, and I’m about to do it again 🙂

In January 2017, I started the new year with a spontaneous trip to Nepal to attend a 10 day mindfulness retreat at the Kopan Monastery near Kathmandu. In May I’m going to India to further my yoga studies 🙂

Jan Crisp at Kopan

I had never been to Nepal before, and January is their coldest month in the middle of their winter. My body doesn’t tolerate the cold. I’ve lived in tropical and sub tropical climates for most of my life. How would I cope? Did they have hot showers? Did they have heating? What was the food like? How safe was Nepal? There were so many unknowns.

The Nepal trip turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I learnt so much from it, about myself, mindfulness, and Nepal, and I made lots of new friends. Not only did I survive, I grew heaps. I will never forget my time in Nepal.

Mindfulness meditation group in Nepal

The 10 day retreat was facilitated by Venerable Carla Pearce, a Buddhist nun. Carla is a great facilitator and made the experience interactive, enjoyable and fun. She is a down to earth Australian, is very open, honest, and calm. The 10 days went very fast.

The Kopan Monastery was amazing. The accommodation and food was much better than anticipated. I didn’t get sick, I had hot showers, and I managed to keep myself warm.

Jan Crisp keeping warm in Nepal

I was surprised to discover that palm trees grow in Nepal. Who would have thought?

Palm trees in Kopan Monastery, Nepal

Now, because of the Nepal trip, I have the courage to do something that I’ve always wanted to do but never really thought I would. I am going to India by myself in May to attend a 6 week Level 2, yoga teacher training residential. Like the Nepal trip, there are so many unknowns but I’m using my mindfulness training to pull me through.  I’ve let go of the negatives.  I’m focusing only on the positives and the present moment. I’m aiming for success, so I’ve established and implemented a plan.  The course and flights are booked.  My Indian visa application has been submitted and is in progress.  It’s really happening. It will be so amazing. I will be able to share so much with you when I get back in July.

If you would like to learn techniques to help you move outside your comfort zone, check out my meditation page or contact me for more information.

If you have ever stepped outside your comfort zone, please feel free to share your experiences. I’d love to hear from you. Namaste.

Inside the gompa at Kopan Monastery, Nepal

Comfort zone – Are you able to recognise and challenge yours?
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