Yachtie Yoga at Rebak Marina, Malaysia with Jan Crisp

Yachtie Yoga is Born

Lately, I’ve been very fortunate to have spent time teaching yoga to a wonderful group of fellow yachties on the beautiful island of Rebak, in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Rebak Island is a little bit of paradise.  If you ever get to Malaysia, be sure to include a stay at the resort on Rebak Island.

Rebak Island map, Malaysia
Rebak Island, Malaysia

It’s been important to me to share my passion and love of yoga to others while we’ve been travelling.  So I was looking forward to getting to Rebak Island where I knew there was plenty of space to teach yoga.  The question was, would other yachties want to participate?

I was overwhelmed by the response.

Many yachties were in Rebak after sailing in different rallies from Australia and Indonesia. Others were working on their boats on the hardstand.  All were looking for a chance to stretch, unwind and rejuvenate.

Alternate nostril breathing - Nadhi Shodhana
Practicing Nadhi Shodhana

I held 7 yoga classes, each with a different theme and intensity, and a private meditation session.

I had a lot of fun putting the classes together.  It was a bit challenging catering for the different levels of ability.  Some of the students had never attended a yoga class before.  Others had been practicing for a while.  This is all part of teaching yoga and what makes it interesting.  Everyone is different, and each person has their own unique need.  I love being able to help.

Going by the feedback I received, and the repeat attendance to classes, everyone managed to work safely within their own ability and enjoyed themselves.  They found the classes very rewarding.

I was on such a high after teaching each session.  What a buzz!

A big THANK YOU to all those wonderful people for sharing their beautiful energy with me.  It was awesome.

Yachtie Yoga is born 🙂

If you are travelling around Malaysia and Thailand in 2016, feel free to contact me.  Maybe we can arrange another Yachtie Yoga class.

Plough preparation

Yachtie Yoga in Langkawi, Malaysia
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