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Want to recharge, replenish or revive yourself from the strain of COVID19?

My holistic health and wellness program can help

If you are feeling anxious or worried about the future right now, you are not alone. My program can help. I’m passionate about helping people like you through this difficult time. Your circumstances are unique, so I will design a program tailored specifically for you to meet your needs. Imagine having the extra vitality and energy you need right now to face each day. and to help those you care about.

I run this program online, one on one, so you can meet with me from anywhere in the world at a time to suit you. 

When you sign up for the program you will receive an additional follow up session absolutely FREE, PLUS:

  • Initial intake assessment
  • A personal practice designed and tailored exclusively to meet your unique needs and goals
  • Clear written and practical instruction of your personal practice
  • Time to explore and feel comfortable with your personal practice before the end of the session
  • Ongoing mentoring and support
  • A follow up session (that’s 2 follow up sessions when you sign up in April)
  • Handouts with additional tips and techniques to help you reach your wellness goals

Why not join the growing number of people who have successfully tried my program?  Read the testimonials or to find out more request a FREE, no obligation consultation NOW!

Holistic health for the mental and emotional well-being of adults

What is holistic health?

Holistic health views a person as a “whole” rather than as separate “systems” or “parts”. For example, in western medicine a GP treats a cold, a cardiologist the heart, a podiatrist the feet, and so on. However, a holistic health practitioner will consider all of your symptoms and more. And guess what, yoga therapy is a wonderful holistic health modality!

Benefits of holistic health

The holistic health techniques of yoga therapy have been used and proven over thousands of years. Yoga therapy is even more awesome today because it includes knowledge of modern medicine and is supported by scientific research.

As a holistic health practitioner, I’ve helped many people improve their lives through the power of yoga therapy. My clients have provided amazing feedback, some of which includes:

  • I am more at peace
  • I feel less afraid and alone
  • I’m able to socialise with my friends again
  • My memory has improved
  • I’m able to concentrate better at work
  • My anxiety levels have reduced
  • My personal program has given me purpose
  • I’m able to do more than I have in a long time
  • I don’t need to take Ventolin anymore
  • I’m able to move with less pain
  • My life is much better now
  • I smile more these days
  • I’ve learnt to take things as they come

You deserve to feel happy and fantastic too!

Hello! Welcome to Yogagrin ®

I'm Jan Crisp

Accredited Yoga Therapist and proud owner of Yogagrin ®

I’m truly excited at the prospect of meeting you and helping you heal, just as I have done for myself and many others. 

As a yoga therapist I’m a qualified and committed yogi motivated to care for others. I can help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because I’m highly trained and skilled in the following areas:

  • Classical Hatha Yoga
  • The ancient medical science of Ayurveda, and
  • Modern medical science

I know that each person’s health issue is unique even if it presents the same as someone else’s. So, at Yogagrin ® you can be sure you will be valued and treated as the unique and wonderful individual that you are. There is no one size fits all here!

As your yoga therapist, I will help you identify attitudes and behaviours inhibiting your natural healing process. Then I will help you cultivate new attitudes and behaviours to support it.

Imagine how much better you can feel by adopting a holistic approach to your health! Why not request a FREE, no obligation chat?

My specialty areas include:

Stress, fear and anxiety


Post traumatic stress

Loss and grief

Physical tension and chronic pain

Adjustment disorder

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Testimonials: what people say about Yogagrin ®

I expected very little when referred to Jan, as I doubted that yoga could help me. I was so very wrong. Jan is a wonderful, caring, considerate and insightful woman who's passion for yoga is very infectious. In the limited sessions we had she has shared with me various activities that I now carry out twice a day. Each and every time I finish feeling more settled and at peace. Which for me is profoundly impactful. Thank you so very much. Namaste Jan
Brian - PTSD
Thank you, Jan. I really enjoyed our sessions together and looked forward to every one of them. The personal practice you designed for me really helps to reduce my symptoms. I go to my 'happy place' each time I practice. You taught me so much and will be forever grateful. Thank you, thank you.
Lynn - anxiety

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