Do you want a healthy body, mind and soul?

Yoga and holistic therapy can help you connect your mind with your body to improve your health and fitness

While yoga is a great form of exercise that improves muscle strength, flexibility and fitness, the emphasis is just as much on the mind as on the body. Yogagrin® can help you if you struggle with:

Stress and anxiety

Yoga combines physical poses, breathing exercises and meditation to help reduce stress and anxiety, slow elevated heart rates and lower blood pressure


Scientific studies have proven that yoga can alleviate the pain, stress, anxiety and depression associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Practicing yoga correctly and regularly helps to calm the nervous system and draws on the body’s natural ability to heal, which can be life changing for those suffering from PTSD


Research shows that regularly practicing yoga can help people manage and reduce symptoms of depression

Stiff joints, back pain or a sore body

Yoga can help people suffering from arthritis and joint pain, migraine, lower back pain and many other types of acute and chronic pain by relaxing tense muscles, building strength, improving posture, and correct breathing techniques — studies also show yoga increases pain tolerance

The Yogagrin® difference

All Yogagrin® individual and group sessions are therapeutic and holistic because they incorporate the teachings and principles of yoga and Ayurveda, as well as the knowledge of modern science. Our group sessions are small and friendly because we limit them to eight people so we can give you the individual attention you deserve.

Every class and program is adapted to the individual. Yogagrin® sessions are slow and gentle so they’re safe and effective. But that doesn’t mean they’re always easy. When you participate in a Yogagrin® class you choose how challenging it will be for you.

Many yoga instructors focus on the fitness side of yoga and perfecting a pose. At Yogagrin®, it’s not about the pose, it’s about the function and the benefits a pose offers you. If a pose doesn’t suit you we will offer you a suitable alternative with similar benefits to help you feel more comfortable. 

Yogagrin® focuses equally on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of yoga and, in particular, on the connection between the mind and body. That way, you receive the full benefit of yoga.

Yoga lessons and holistic therapy programs

Yoga for beginners and advanced beginners, face to face and online

Group yoga on the beach: this photo shows three students getting lots of individual instruction as they practice yoga on the beach

Yogagrin® offers one-on-one and small-group yoga classes and Holistic Therapy programs. All classes and programs are kind to the mind, body and soul. You’ll leave each session feeling good and empowered to manage your own ongoing health and wellness.

Our lessons and programs are suitable for all adults, regardless of age, gender, level of fitness or flexibility. We teach you how to stay safe during your yoga practice and daily activities, and we give you the tools and knowledge you need to manage your own ongoing health and wellness.

Face-to-face sessions are held in Sandgate, with many participants travelling from surrounding north-Brisbane suburbs such as Brighton, Deagon, Shorncliffe, Bracken Ridge, Taigum, Woody Point and Redcliffe, but some travel from as far as Bray Park, Everton Hills, and Manly.

If you live even further afield, don’t despair. Yogagrin’s® individual online packages can help you wear that special yoga grin no matter where you’re located.

A group of smiling people from all walks of life who have been having a fantastic time at a Yogagrin class

Yogagrin's® offers the following lessons and programs:

Gentle Flow Yoga

Weekly yoga lessons in Sandgate to improve your overall health and well being

Holistic Wellness Program

Four week, educational yoga therapy program

One on One Therapeutic Yoga

Face to face or online,100% tailored to your needs

Customised Group Health Programs

Custom yoga lessons to meet your specific group's needs

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What people say about Yogagrin®:

I expected very little when referred to Jan, as I doubted that yoga could help me. I was so very wrong. Jan is a wonderful, caring, considerate and insightful woman who's passion for yoga is very infectious. In the limited sessions we had she has shared with me various activities that I now carry out twice a day. Each and every time I finish feeling more settled and at peace. Which for me is profoundly impactful. Thankyou so very much. Namaste Jan
I really enjoyed the Gentle Flow classes with Jan. She teaches in a down to earth, encouraging way, allowing you to challenge yourself without feeling overwhelmed. I’ve learnt a lot this year and look forward to continuing next year. Thank you, Jan.

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